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Why Most Indians are Vegans

India is one of the few places where many people are vegans. There are many reasons which contribute to this, but the most common reasons are related to religion, economic, and health factors. Some people even do it simply because of emotional reasons, feeling that it is not right to slaughter animals for whatever reason. Below are a few reasons why most Indians stick to vegan diets, from a health perspective.

To Prevent Diseases

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The type of food that you consume directly contributes to your overall health. A vegan diet consists mainly of only healthy foods, which help to prevent a variety of diseases. For example, meat products may contain a lot of cholesterol, saturated fats, and other elements that can lead to health conditions such as cancer and diabetes. By avoiding the meat products, the Indians reduce the chances of them suffering from such health problems.

To Promote Bodyweight Control

One of the significant health problems in most places around the world is obesity. Having extra body weight brings about a variety of other health issues such as hypertension and various heart conditions. One of the healthy ways of losing excess body weight is improving diet. The vegan diet is perfect for weight loss, especially if the portions and food quality is controlled. The vegan diet is a great alternative, even for those who are not overweight as it can help to maintain a healthy body size.

To Improve Mental Health

For some Indians, the thought of eating animals and animal products disturbs them mentally. It can get so bad that it turns into stress and depression. To avoid such mental conditions, the individuals turn vegan. It does not mean that no animal will ever be slaughtered again, but at least they reduce the number by reducing the demand for meat.

To Avoid Infections

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There is a lot that goes into processing and preparing meat and meat products. The entire process, right from raring the animals in the farm to when they get to your plate, may result in bacteria infested food that is not healthy for human consumption. When the meat is not cooked properly, for example, there are high chances of ingesting bacteria, which may make you get a bacterial infection disease. Red meat, in particular, is linked to the infections caused by bacteria and other pathogens. It can cause a variety of illnesses such as stroke, kidney diseases, liver diseases, and respiratory tract diseases, among many others.…